A parquet company that offers much more

Step by step

The Parital Group company will be able to follow you step by step starting from the choice up to post-purchase assistance. We will take care to make sure that the supply arrives on time and in optimal conditions.

We are also able to offer you a series of services related to the purchase of our collections, such as installation and pre and post assistance.


Our technicians, in collaboration with your professionals, offer an assistance service before laying to verify that the conditions of the subsoil are optimal to guarantee an efficient and long-lasting installation.

In addition to site inspections, indications are also provided on how to lay the screed based on the product to be laid.


Before starting the installation it is necessary to prepare the underlying surface, which must be smooth, flat, free of cracks and dry.

The laying technique for parquet, based on the chosen collection, can be floating or glued.

The floating installation consists in superimposing a surface on the one already present with an intermediate sheath. The second installation technique is the glued one: first of all a layer of glue is created which is made homogeneous and then the interlocking planks are positioned.

For the laying of the vinyl floors of the Beki Floor line, on the other hand, the laying is floating and takes place by interlocking due to the great technology with which the slats are equipped which allow a click-it interlocking installation in a very short time.


The technical assistance for our parquet continues even after the installation. Our professionals are at the complete disposal of the customer regarding ordinary and extraordinary cleaning and maintenance, recommending the best products capable of keeping the floor in its optimal condition over the years.

Our customers and our wooden floors are our priority and for this reason we ensure prompt assistance on all our collections.