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Parquet poses no problems for laying if the pre-existing subfloor is solidly fixed to the subfloor such as tiles, ceramics, marble and derivatives. 

Laying can take place without contraindications after checking that all the requirements for a perfect subfloor are met. Carpet, PVC and linoleum, on the other hand, are incompatible with the laying of parquet: these must be removed from the subfloor along with any traces of old adhesive.

Prefinished parquet can be installed in two different ways: glued or floating.

Glued laying if there is no need to protect the pre-existing floor and there is no infiltration of moisture, the planks are arranged, fitted and glued directly onto the floor with two-phase glue that sets immediately.

If you wish to maintain the existing floor, you can choose floating laying: the pre-finished parquet planks are laid on a layer of insulating material that acts as a buffer, and glue is only used at the interlocking points.

The parquet, in this way, is not glued to the floor underneath and, above all, has the freedom to settle and follow the natural changes of the wood which, being a living material, tends to expand and contract over time depending on the ambient humidity.

By the term pre-finished parquet, we define parquet that is ready to be used as soon as it is installed; these are planks of different sizes and wood species whose support on the sides have tongue-and-groove joints that allow for quick and effective laying. The laid product is then immediately of the appearance chosen by the customer as it is processed within the factory and supplied ready for laying.

Prefinished parquet does not have to be sanded and varnished on site inside the home, thus avoiding the dispersion of dust and unpleasant odours. The factory finishing of this type of parquet allows for very special effects, colours and textures.

Peculiar characteristics of pre-finished parquet are given by its layered structure: the upper layer is made of the wood of the chosen essence, finished and resistant to treading and wear, while the part underneath is made of birch plywood in order to balance the plank, allowing the right elasticity and resistance to twisting.


A pre-finished parquet floor can easily tolerate 2/3 sanding, also known as laminating. If sanding is carried out before the floor has already been worn or damaged, and before deep cuts or deep sanding are present, up to 3/4 sanding can be carried out. The noble surface layer of the pre-finished floor, however, must not be less than 2.5 mm.

The choice of parquet finish is very subjective: it depends on the desired aesthetic result.

Both finishes are valid and advisable depending on the context: oiled parquet, unlike varnished parquet, is based on the impregnation and nutrition of the wood fibres through a mixture of specific oils, which perfectly enhance the grain and colour tones. This type of treatment gives the wood extreme naturalness and great mechanical resistance, provides good protection and is very easy to restore.

Varnished parquet has a transparent, protective, elastic and highly resistant surface film layer made of acrylic emulsions. The protective film layer makes the parquet more resistant and less absorbent.