Indoor PVC vinyl flooring

Beki Floors are the perfect combination of the look of wood and the functional advantages of vinyl flooring. Thanks to their SPC and ESPC structure and dimensions, they are durable and efficient without neglecting the realistic effect of wood and stone.

Beki Floor indoor vinyl floors are ideal for all types of installation, from residential to commercial and hotel. Thanks to the texture and innovative ‘Register’ technology, Beki Floor products feature a surface that realistically reproduces the grain and knots in parquet

Beki Floor floors are extremely water-resistant. This makes them suitable for installation in wet rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens and they are also designed to be durable while respecting human and environmental health. All Beki Floor floor coverings are 100% recyclable 

100% recyclable and phthalate-free.

Our Beki Floor floor coverings have an extraordinary sound-absorbing capacity, ensuring high acoustic comfort by reducing footfall noise.

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