Parquet and animals

The parquet and pet combo has always been one of the biggest dilemmas for all those who have never had a wooden floor and would like to furnish their home with it while living with pets.

First of all, we can immediately state that, yes, it is possible to have both parquet and animals inside the house. Obviously, as in all situations, some small precautions should be taken, but this should certainly not be a limitation for your choice.

The risk that the claws of pets such as dogs and cats may scratch the wooden floor is there, but it is not the main problem. To solve this, it is sufficient to opt for a varnished parquet floor.

Wooden floors with a varnished finish are in fact characterised by greater resistance to scratching and permeability than wooden floors with an oiled finish, and are therefore more suitable parquet for people who live with animals and want a robust yet aesthetically appealing solution.

In addition, a brushed or planed finish can be chosen to increase the durability of parquet. These processing methods remove the softer part, leaving only the harder, more resistant part of the wood surface in evidence.

Will my pet's pee ruin the parquet?

Many people who choose to install parquet flooring in their home wonder whether their pet’s pee will ruin it.

The answer to this question is, essentially, that it depends on how quickly one acts in such cases: the race against time is the most important thing because, if the urine stain is immediately dried and cleaned, it will almost certainly not damage the wooden floor.

The problem arises, however, when the animal pee remains on the parquet for hours because, being alkaline, as it dries its pH value facilitates corrosion of the surface layer of the wooden floor.

The consequence of animal pee remaining on a parquet floor for a long time and eventually drying out on its own is the formation of black stains on the surface of the wooden floor that are difficult and almost impossible to remove.

Parquet and animals: which essence of wood to choose?

Is there a particular wood species that is best to choose if you want to install parquet in a house where there are also pets?

Each wood species has its own characteristics, both aesthetic and technical. There are no more or less suitable ones, but the choice depends on personal preference.

If you live with a pet, the advice we can give you is to opt for a hardwood floor such as Oak or Doussiè.

A brushed finish of the parquet strips can help hide the signs of time and scratches from our four-legged friends.

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