Many customers who come to visit us ask us if it is true that parquet tends to change color over time and why this process occurs.

The first thing we tell them is that, in the vast majority of cases, wooden floors tend to get even more beautiful over the years.

But why does this color change occur?

Parquet is a living product and subject to a natural oxidation process

Let’s keep in mind that parquet is a living product and consequently the wood undergoes an oxidation process over time which leads it to change color once exposed to air and light.

It is therefore absolutely normal that, once laid and over time, the wooden floor tends to change the chromatic tone of its surface with respect to the time of purchase.

In addition to being a natural material, wood is also photosensitive and therefore with its exposure to air and light it darkens or lightens, uniforming the shades of the veins. This should not be seen as a defect but as one of the most important and positive characteristics for which parquet is chosen.

The oxidation of the wooden floor also varies according to the type of wood: exotic woods such as Teak, for example, tend to lighten over time, becoming brighter and with a more homogeneous grain. A wood of European origin such as Oak, on the other hand, is by its nature a low-oxidation wood essence and will therefore tend to become warmer and darker, with less variation in tone.

When does the color of parquet begin to change?

How long does it take before the color of the wooden floor starts to change, becoming darker or lighter depending on the essence chosen?

A first important period of oxidation occurs in the first six months after laying. Subsequently, the parquet will continue to vary its shade slowly and constantly.

It is therefore possible that in the future there will be lighter and darker areas on the surface of the parquet: for example, the surface on which furniture or carpets have been laid may be of a lighter color since it is subject to less exposure to sunlight than the rest of the flooring, and therefore less oxidized.

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